Rhinoplasty 4D NOSE

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Rhinoplasty 4D Nose

high technique by Nose Rhinoplasty Expert

It is a nose shape design, sewn to lock the base, 4D stitches, keep a beautiful shape.

Rhinoplasty 4D is a new technique for 2022.
It’s not just about solving the nose structure problem.
disproportionate to achieve a dimension to match the face

by designing and evaluating from
“golden ratio”
to adjust the dimension of beauty to be the most perfect

However, the 4D Nose technique is a technique used to
Designed to combine with the most advanced medical procedures.

Emphasis on sophistication at every layer level
Slitting, placing, sharpening silicone Case by Case
and sewing details of the nose layer
that is complex for a more dimensional result after rhinoplasty

“Nose silicone” we use silicone
special soft type with premium quality
Sharpening Silicone Case by Case
to build confidence in the standards
and safety After rhinoplasty
Every case is taken care of by a doctor only.


Rhinoplasty 4D Nose

Rhinoplasty 4D Nose

Who is it for?

hump nose

The main problem of the nose bridge look at the broken nose It does not have to be smooth or proportional to the curve of the patient’s face. causing a lack of confidence when turning

flat nose without dimension

The nose bridge is flat and lacks dimension. When taking pictures, the nose bridge is not clear. and look lacking in the dimension of the face Page elements are therefore not clearly proportioned.

meaty nose

I want a prominent nose but less meat. Afraid of general rhinoplasty, causing the nose to be vulnerable to the silicone coming out after the surgery.

Nose physiognomy

flat nose Broken nose with hump curved nose affects physiognomy cause when contacting work and lack of confidence

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Rhinoplasty 4D Nose ​

What silicone do you use?

is a nose surgery using premium grade silicone by using specific techniques of Dr. Waleerat Clinic only

This “4D Nose Technique” is developed from a high level of surgical skill. meticulously from the placement of silicone on the layer of the nose surface to the stitching of the lock on the nose shape

This method is a 4D restructuring of the inside of the nose, focusing on the 4D nasal passages from inside the nose. It can be said that the focus is on the structure of the nose base and the silicone lock stitching.

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Premium grade silicone material
Dr. Lao, adjust the shape by himself, case by case.
using semi-open surgical techniques
Open the wound on one side to insert the silicone to adjust the shape.

The doctor performs the procedure in detail.
restructuring the inside of the nose before suturing the wound
by suturing the wound in a 4D manner in order to
Push the structure of the nose to make it look beautiful.






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real user stories

feeling immediately after

The nose is sharp and dimensional.

After nose implant The result is a prominent nose that has more dimensions to match the face. Nose can twist, not stiff.


Before and after treatment

Refrain from taking all kinds of vitamins and dietary supplements before surgery for approximately 7-10 days.

Avoid alcohol and smoking. because it may cause the wound to heal slowly and risk of infection

Avoid lying down or on your side. It is recommended to use a neck pillow to support while sleeping. to reduce the risk of losing the shape of the nose

Apply a cold compress for the first 4-5 days to reduce swelling. Redness that may occur in the first days after nose surgery

Refrain from makeup for 7 days. Use a cotton ball moistened with clean water or saline to wipe clean. around the face

Refrain from exercising or lifting heavy objects. Because it may cause the nose to be deformed or affected.



Rhinoplasty 4D Nose

1. What is 4D Nose Rhinoplasty Program?

4D Nose Technique is a combination of design techniques and the most advanced medical procedures. Emphasizes all levels of sophistication, layer, slitting, sharpening, silicone Case by Case, and stitching to keep the details of the nose layer. that is complex for a more dimensional result after rhinoplasty Sincerely, since the design of the nose shape Method for placing silicone and sewing the nose shape inside to lock the 4D nose shape

2. What is closed nose and open nose surgery? and how are they different

1.Normal nose augmentation or closed rhinoplasty It is augmentation by using a silicone nasal implant in the area under the nasal bone membrane. to make the nose look prominent have more dimensions It is mainly suitable for patients who have a narrow brace and want to increase the prominence of the nose. and has the original nose shape that is quite easy to put on the silicone I don’t want complicated editing.

2.open nose or open rhinoplasty is to modify the structure of the original nose Restructuring the original nose that has problems, such as trimming the original crooked nasal bone filing the convex bridge of the nose (hump), stretching the septum to increase the length of the nose, etc., which are suitable for cases with problems with the original structure of the nose. and want to modify to change the shape of the nose from the original and to reduce the chances of tilting or breaking as well

3. Which nose shape is suitable for your needs?

What type of nose augmentation is suitable for you? The patient must design and communicate their needs with the surgeon. In order to assess the possibility first whether the patient’s face shape is suitable for the type of nose and whether it corresponds to the patient’s needs or not. The nose shape that is popular today can be divided into 2 main types as follows:

1.Prominent shape, upturned tip, suitable for dream line. I want a nose that has a sharp ridge like the Westerners. This nose shape will help the patient’s face look more sharp. Suitable for patients with a slender face shape. resembling a western face

2.Slope shape with water droplets, suitable for scratching like nature Help adjust the face to look sweet and soft, increase the length of the nose. Helps the face to be more proportional Suitable for patients with a round face shape, like Asian people

which each has a nose can do as the patient wants The doctor evaluates and selects the most suitable technique for the patient.

You can consult immediately, just send a picture of the front and the side to Line : @waleerat Or Click https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40waleerat

4. How long does silicone nose last?

Nowadays, medical silicone has been developed to have a longer service life. The silicone rhinoplasty can stay with the patient throughout the patient’s lifespan. except if the silicone that is with the patient has a problem such as a skew or shrinkage of silicone which may occur in the future In order to reduce these problems that arise Therefore, the expertise of the surgeon must be used. quality material and long-term planning to prevent danger that will occur to the patient

5. Can I have braces on my nose?

can generally be done together Unless the patient is in the period of extraction of teeth that are protruding or overturning, or are planning orthodontics in conjunction with orthognathic surgery. may need to consult a dentist or finish the process of orthodontics first Therefore, he continued to do nose surgery.

6.Should the nose correction case take off the silicone to rest the nose first?

Normally, nose correction cases can be reinforced without having to rest the nose, unless the patient’s nose has a serious abnormality, such as a severely inflamed nose or a perforated nose, the surgeon will fix the problem on that spot first. then there may be a recuperation for the wound to heal and then add it again

7. Rhinoplasty and alar cutting can be done at the same time?

Nose surgery and alar cutting can do together In some patients with very wide nose wings, a flared nose, or a rose nose. The surgeon will assess. and inform the patient details to get a beautiful nose and perfect according to the needs of most patients

8. Can I eat eggs after nose job?

The belief that eating eggs causes wounds to heal slowly inflammation and scars The symptoms mentioned above This is not true at all. On the other hand, eating eggs helps to heal wounds. and strengthen the worn tissues It helps the surgical wound heal faster, so eating eggs is considered more beneficial than negative. and most surgeons recommend eating

9. What foods should I avoid after rhinoplasty?

1. Spicy, hot foods, as these foods often cause mucus or tears, which are not good for surgical wounds. Because the patient should keep the wound dry all the time. To reduce inflammation and infection, surgeons recommend refraining from this type of diet. until the wound is dry or is there a cut

2. Fermented food or food, semi-cooked, semi-raw due to this type of food. Not cooked or not clean, may contain germs. or bacteria that may affect the surgical wound, such as inflammation, infection, etc.

3. Seafood, because it is a food that is often allergic to food. In some patients, there may be a latent allergic reaction without realizing it. because if an allergic reaction It can be severe and dangerous. one more thing mostly seafood It is a frozen food. processed for storage which may have residues or be found easily contaminated in food Therefore, it is advisable to avoid or refrain first.

4. Highly salty foods such as instant noodles, spicy salads, tom yum or salted meat, salted fish. Often contains “sodium”, a substance that affects edema. Resulting in swelling and bruising for a long time including the wound on the nose that heals slowly as well

5. Vitamins and supplements because some vitamins Has the effect of stimulating blood circulation. and slow blood clotting Therefore, it is recommended to refrain before and after the surgery for at least 2 weeks.

6. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages due to alcohol caused by fermentation of yeast Therefore, it is no different from eating fermented food. Because they can cause infection as well. including the nicotine in cigarettes that may cause the wound to heal more slowly than usual therefore should refrain from smoking and drink alcohol at least 2 weeks before

10. What is the shape of a male nose?

from general analysis Characteristics of male noses are prominent. with a straight ridge similar to the number 7 upside down, which will make the face look cool More than the appearance of the nose of most women with a slope The shape of the nose is somewhat curved. This will give a face that looks sweeter. Waleerat Clinic can design the nose to suit the needs of the patient. to achieve maximum satisfaction Our surgeon will assess the face. and analyze the structure of the nose in detail for perfect results

11. What is prosthetic tissue? Applied to any form of nose surgery

prosthetic tissue is a synthesized piece of collagen giving a similar appearance to the tissue layer in human skin have medical use used to decorate the tip of the nose In the case of a patient with less nasal tissue, thin nasal tissue may be at risk of perforation. or in the case of a case This is because revision surgery can cause the loss of nasal tissue. The use of artificial tissues is also a solution to this kind of correction. by a surgeon from the artificial tissue Come to support the tip of the nose above the silicone nose. to prevent the danger of perforation that may occur in the future

12. Should I do a nose job with cartilage behind the ear?

Mechanism of operation of posterior cartilage nasal surgery It is close to the use of artificial tissue. The difference is that the cartilage behind the ear It is part of the patient’s body. therefore causing the body to resist foreign matter less where the use of artificial tissues may occur But the disadvantage of using cartilage behind the ear It is where the patient has two surgical wounds together. It is the area where the nose and behind the ears are made, which causes more hassle in taking care of it.

However Patients can ask for details. tell the need and have the surgeon evaluate and analyze the need for more or less ear cartilage as well. because in some patients with a lot of nose It may not be necessary to use ear cartilage or prosthetic tissue at all.

13. American silicone VS Korean silicone what’s the difference

If considering the quality of the materials used in the production It can be said that at present the silicones from both sources are of the same quality. Because the quality assurance standards from both countries (FDA from America and KFDA from Korea) that are quite high standards. So we can be confident in quality in both countries. but may be different in terms of nose shape only

In addition to that, Waleerat Clinic cares about materials. and every piece of equipment that will be brought to the patient must be assured that it is safe and always good to our patients To create a new standard in the surgery industry in Thailand

14.What kind of silicone do I need to use to fit your nose?

in terms of analyzing the use of silk recommend that the patient come in for a consultation with the medical teacher of Waleerat Clinic to analyze the face shape and the use of silicone In order to get the most efficiency, patients can book an appointment for a consultation. and can make an appointment to do the operation at Siam Square One branch

15.How is the rhinoplasty at Waleerat Clinic different from others?

At Waleerat clinic, we are different and understand the needs of patients the most. Therefore, we have designed the care of patients called

“Personal Surgery Analysis and Planning Program (Personalized Surgical Planning)”

Such program, Waleerat Clinic has analyzed and planned together with the patient. In order to get the best results, 3 things are: 1. The most satisfactory to the customer. 2. The safest for the customer and 3. The most suitable and suitable for the customer’s face

           The medical team will assess the needs of the patient. possibility and detailed long-term outcomes by analyzing from the basis of the patient’s facial structure Analyze the proportions and balance points of each section on the page. The point that I feel that the patient has a problem and wants the surgeon team to fix it and the results that the patient wants to be By taking all these data and processing them to find the best common ground. in the next step of surgery