Double Eyelid Baby Eyes Harmony Lock Technique

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Double Eyelid Baby Eyes

rejuvenate the eye layer

is eye surgery With a high-level technique, Harmony Lock sews beautiful eye locks. look young

Double Eyelid Surgery Baby Eyes It is a technique of 2022, a new method of restructuring the eye layer. to look young Get with physiognomy on the face by designing and evaluating from “golden ratio” to adjust the dimension of beauty to be as perfect as possible

Double Eyelid Surgery Baby Eyes Harmony Lock technique is a combination of the most advanced medical procedures. Emphasizes all levels of sophistication, layers, slitting, stitching, fat arrangement. and eye muscles by analyzing Case by Case

Keep the perineal, lock every layer of the eye. Add a sophisticated dimension for the result after the eye shape has a noticeable change

“ Harmony Lock ” Waleerat Clinic focuses on restructuring the eye muscles to produce the most natural and smooth results. Suitable for those who like detailed work. All of our cases are handled by a doctor only.


Double Eyelid : Baby Eyes

Double Eyelid Surgery

Who is it for?

drooping eyelids

 double eyelids already But the upper eyelid comes down to cover the eyes, making the eyes look like a person with single eyelids. or seeing only a small eye layer, not a clear layer

single eyelid

The eye does not have a crease of the eye layer. Makes the eyes look small and not bright, which is a problem every time when applying a thicker eyeliner than usual to make the eyes grow bigger

sagging eyes

caused by old age sagging skin make the eye layer that used to be beautiful turned to slack make your face look old

deep socket

Eyes wide open, the bones in the eye sockets can be clearly seen, the face looks shabby, if the eye sockets are not deep The doctor will use a method to sort the fat. In some cases, the problem of eye muscles must be solved as well.

Non Surgery ร้อยไหมยกหางตา ยกคิ้ว ไม่ต้องผ่าตัด เหมาะกับใคร

Double Eyelid : Baby Eyes

What is

It is a specific technique of Waleerat Clinic that focuses on adjusting the angle of the eyelids to meet the eye socket and the face structure according to the science of aesthetic proportions (Golden Ratio).

This “Harmony Lock Technique” is developed from high-level surgical skills. Sincerely, since the arrangement of fat and suturing of muscle locks For results after the procedure, smooth, natural eye layers

In addition, the process of sewing by a doctor who sews the seams gently. Individual sewing design According to the problem of the structure of the eyelids found, and suture 4D locks for results after the procedure. eyes look charming There are more dimensions than general surgical techniques.

ไหม EndoLine วัสดุไหมพรีเมี่ยมสำหรับร้อยไหมยกหางตา ที่วลีรัตน์ คลินิก

The specialty of Harmony Lock Technique is Waleerat Clinic using a team of ophthalmologists. Who has experience and has been through surgical cases for more than 10 years and has a technique for creating hidden eyelid sutures. ensuring that You will get beautiful eyes. look natural

There are mainly 2 methods which are Incission Technique and 9 Suture Incission, selected according to the evaluation of the appropriate method by a doctor.



รีวิวตาสองชั้น เทคนิค Harmony Lock


รีวิวตาสองชั้น แกไขหนังตาหย่อนคล้อย เนื่องจากอายุที่เพิ่มขึ้น


ศัลยกรรมตาสองชั้น หนังตาตก ช่วงอายุ 50 – 60 โดยคุณหมอหลิน


เช็คโหนกแก้ม ง่าย ๆ ว่าลดได้ไหม ? ลดโหนกแก้มด้วย LIPO X ฉีดไหมสลายไขมันลดโนกแก้ม

real user stories

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รวมรีวิว! ศัลยกรรมจมูก 4D Nose หลังทำเปลี่ยนไปขนาดนี้

Foxy Eyes ร้อยไหมยกหางตาไม่ศัลยกรรม แก้ปัญหา หางตาตก คิ้วตก ชั้นตาไม่ชัด จากปัญหาหนังตาหย่อนคล้อย หรือเคยศัลยกรรมมาแล้วไม่พึงพอใจ หรือผู้ที่ต้องการยกหางตาเฉี่ยวสายฝอ

รวมรีวิว! ร้อยไหมยกคิ้ว ยกหางตา เเบบไม่ต้องผ่าตัด

Foxy Eyes ร้อยไหมยกหางตาไม่ศัลยกรรม แก้ปัญหา หางตาตก คิ้วตก ชั้นตาไม่ชัด จากปัญหาหนังตาหย่อนคล้อย หรือเคยศัลยกรรมมาแล้วไม่พึงพอใจ หรือผู้ที่ต้องการยกหางตาเฉี่ยวสายฝอ

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ร้อยไหมยกกระชับแก้ม RUBY No.5 แก้มล่าง และกรอบหน้า มีความกระชับ แน่นขึ้นมาก ซึ่งสิ่งที่ได้นอกจากนี้ยังมีผลลัพธ์ที่ทำให้ผิวแน่นขึ้น รูขุมขนเล็กลง ผิวโกลว์ดูสุขภาพดีมาก ๆ ค่ะ นอกจากยกกระชับยังกระตุ้นคอลลาเจนจนทำให้ผิวดูอิ่มฟูสุขภาพดี

รีวิว FOXY EYES ร้อยไหมยกหางตา ตาเฉี่ยว ตามเทรนด์ปี 2022

Foxy Eyes ร้อยไหมยกหางตาไม่ศัลยกรรม แก้ปัญหา หางตาตก คิ้วตก ชั้นตาไม่ชัด จากปัญหาหนังตาหย่อนคล้อย หรือเคยศัลยกรรมมาแล้วไม่พึงพอใจ หรือผู้ที่ต้องการยกหางตาเฉี่ยวสายฝอ

รีวิว สาวน้อยร้อยไหมจมูกจาก PANTIP

รีวิวร้อยไหมจมูกทุกคนคือตอนที่เราเห็นหน้าตัวเองในกระจกอ่ะ คือปุมกระดูกหาย(ฮัมพ์) เรียบ แบบ . . หายไปเลย ปลื้มมากก แผลคือเล็กมาก ๆ แบบที่เค้าเครมเอาไว้เลย เท่าจุดปากกา 0.1 เซนติเมตรค่า ตอนนั้นคือเดินออกจากคลินิกแบบยิ้มแป้นเลย

ดารา ร้อยไหมจมูก จากจมูกแบน เป็น จมูกโด่ง จมูกสวยทันใจ (ปี 2021)

จมูกโด่งทันใจ สำหรับ รีวิวร้อยไหมจมูก ก้อยตัดสินใจเพราะ คุณหมอ คอนเฟิร์มให้ว่า เจ็บน้อย จมูกโด่ง สวยขึ้น ก้อยจึงตัดสินใจทำจมูกให้โด่ง ให้จมูกมีมิติมากขึ้น ด้วยโปรแกรม Natural Nose

1 2

feeling immediately after

The eye layer is sharp and has dimensions.

After making a baby’s face There are more dimensions, natural, not looking shady.


Before and after treatment

Refrain from taking all kinds of vitamins and dietary supplements before surgery for approximately 7-10 days.

Avoid alcohol and smoking. because it may cause the wound to heal slowly and risk of infection

Apply a cold compress for the first 4-5 days to reduce swelling. Redness that may occur in the first days after surgery

Refrain from makeup for 7 days. Use a cotton ball moistened with clean water or saline to wipe clean. around the

Refrain from getting water in the surgery area during the first period, refrain from rubbing your eyes, and refrain from wearing contact lenses within 1 week after the procedure.

Wipe the wound clean using a cotton swab moistened with saline solution. Apply with a disinfectant ointment.



Double Eyelid Baby Eyes

1. How long do baby eyes last?

The results of the double eyelid incision It generally lasts quite a long time. but in spite of this The age of the double eyelid incision Will it last for a long time? It depends on each patient as well. But on average, double eyelid incisions can last up to 10 years and gradually change their shape with age. including eye muscles and the fat layer that may be more or less of the patient as well

2. How long does eye surgery take to recuperate?

No need to go to the hospital and the patient can return to recuperate at home The recovery period is 7-10 days. During this time, swelling and bruising may occur, but it will gradually improve and disappear on its own. Then the patient was able to lead a normal life. The new eye layer will gradually start to get better and heal back to normal within 1-2 months.

3. Double eyelid surgery, does it hurt?

is a minor surgery using an anesthetic to suppress the pain in general and that Pain after surgery is minimal. But it is normal to experience mild to moderate discomfort after surgery. Because having silk or blinking eyes is not convenient. Usually, the surgeon will prescribe pain medication. which the patient can eat while still feeling pain at the surgical wound

4. Will there be scars after eye surgery?

At Waleerat Clinic, we design a treatment by using techniques to hide the wound in the crease layer, which requires expertise. by a specialist eye surgeon Therefore, the chance to see the scars clearly There is a very small chance that this will happen. However, there must be consideration of other factors, such as the formation of a raised scar. or hereditary keloids, but these problems can be treated better.

5.Double eyelid correction case, how to fix it?

eye correction that has been done once The problem must be assessed. Make corrections by removing old wounds. The plot and the silk knot that is embedded out. and create a beautiful new eye layer curve according to the shape of the eye By fixing the eyes, it can solve problems with eyes that are made from other places, such as the eyelids are too small. Eyelids too high or too deep, etc.

6. What is Harmony Lock Technique by Waleerat Clinic?

Harmony Lock Technique is a double eyelid design designed by an ophthalmologist. At Waleerat Clinic’s medical teacher level, this technique takes into account 3 principles of treatment as follows:

1.Analysis of the patient’s face to design the appearance of the eyelid folds that match

2.Techniques for suturing the wound which will be hidden at the eyelid fold layer Makes the scars visible very little. 

3.shorten treatment time because of this technique This increases the chances of swelling, bruising, or scallop eyes. very rarely thus reducing the duration of treatment as well.

7.What is eye muscle weakness and how to fix it?

eye muscle weakness is a condition in which the eye muscles are not working fully caused by stretching of the eye muscles The eye muscles are not strong. unable to support our eyelids Our eyes are not only the eyes and eyelids. The opening of the eyes to blink each time must be coordinated in 3 parts between the “eyelid” “nerve” and “eye muscles”. It’s caused by “weak eye muscles” that don’t work properly. The appearance is like having a pruritus. Eyes are sleepy all the time.

The surgeon will adjust the function of the eye muscles to normal. by removing the abnormal Laventor muscle and suturing the strong eye muscles create a new eye layer Beautiful and working as normal.

8.What foods can help reduce swelling and bruising after eye surgery?

Usually after eye surgery Surgeons still do not recommend that patients take vitamins. or supplementary food in the beginning Instead, they recommend foods that can help relieve swelling or bruises, such as Centella asiatica, seaweed, pumpkin, black beans, and coconut water. This is a natural way to help reduce swelling and bruising.

9.What are the side effects after double eyelid surgery? What are the adverse reactions?

Most of the symptoms were abnormal. or severe to the point of being dangerous is not common in eye surgery But if the patient has concerns after the procedure You can consult with the care team from Waleerat Clinic 24 hours a day according to the analysis and surgery plan. (Personalized Surgical Planning) by Waleerat Clinic

2. Fermented food or food, semi-cooked, semi-raw due to this type of food. Not cooked or not clean, may contain germs. or bacteria that may affect the surgical wound, such as inflammation, infection, etc.

3. Seafood, because it is a food that is often allergic to food. In some patients, there may be a latent allergic reaction without realizing it. because if an allergic reaction It can be severe and dangerous. one more thing mostly seafood It is a frozen food. processed for storage which may have residues or be found easily contaminated in food Therefore, it is advisable to avoid or refrain first.

4. Highly salty foods such as instant noodles, spicy salads, tom yum or salted meat, salted fish. Often contains “sodium”, a substance that affects edema. Resulting in swelling and bruising for a long time including the wound on the nose that heals slowly as well

5. Vitamins and supplements because some vitamins Has the effect of stimulating blood circulation. and slow blood clotting Therefore, it is recommended to refrain before and after the surgery for at least 2 weeks.

6. Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages due to alcohol caused by fermentation of yeast Therefore, it is no different from eating fermented food. Because they can cause infection as well. including the nicotine in cigarettes that may cause the wound to heal more slowly than usual therefore should refrain from smoking and drink alcohol at least 2 weeks before

10.What is Double Eyelid Surgery and Eyelid Opening and how to do it?

Double eyelids with open eyelids and eyelids is surgery to decorate the eyelids around the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eye. The doctor uses different methods of surgery on the eye muscles as follows. double eyelid Is surgery to remove the eyelids around the head of the eye. by advanced cutting techniques Surgical technique for Waleerat Clinic only, which is called “Epicanthal Fold”. This technique is suitable for Asian people. due to unclear folds around the incisors or double eyelids drooping inside Eyelid surgery is a surgery that relies on eyelid correction. and arrange the fat to make the eye area look sharper and expanding the length of the eyes in order to see the eye layer clearly If a patient with an open corner of the eye It may not be necessary to use open-eyed techniques. double eyelid is surgery to collect the eyelids at the corner of the eye and there is an arrangement of muscles in the corner of the eye to change eye shape Extend the length of the eyes to make them look proportional to the face. which is suitable for girls with small eyes eyes droop too much

11.Double eyelid surgery, how much does it cost, where to do it, and what technique should be done?

At Waleerat Clinic we have a promotion. and a variety of techniques Supervised by an eye surgeon Those who have experience and have been through surgery cases for more than 10 years can be confident that The patient will receive the highest satisfaction. safest and best results If interested, ask for details and promotions at Line Official :

12. Can I have a congenital disease?

Before every surgery The patient must consult a doctor. for preliminary assessment before undergoing surgery The patient can inform the staff or surgeon. To assess the risk that some diseases may have a negative effect on the patient. May require special care by a medical professional.