Reveal white skin with Collagen Drip

Collagen Drip

“Vitamin IV therapy 30 minute to a healthier you”

Collagen Drip

IV Collagen Drip Methods

Vitamins into the line (IV Drip or Vitamin Drip) is the provision of nutrients or vitamins through the most commonly used solvents. Normal saline solution/NSS or normal saline. But Waleerat Clinic, the doctor will choose the right choice. Because there are both formulas with Dextrose or mixed with mineral salts. Because each individual has to take into account other factors such as congenital disease, body shape, weight, Collagen Drip is designed to use a vitamin formula that can actually predict the results. And choose to use various vitamins for results in stimulating, preventing, restoring collagen in the skin layer. vitamin injection To make the skin clear can actually make the skin clearer. but cannot change the original hereditary skin color of the individual

which provides nutrients through blood vessels Will allow the body to absorb quickly to almost 100 percent, which is why IV Drip is popular abroad.

Collagen Drip

Who is it for?

1.Those who want to restore collagen levels

when getting older Collagen levels in the body will gradually decrease, so it is necessary. in enhancing collagen to the body for healthy skin, hair, nails and bones

4.People who have problems with lack of vitamins and want to add vitamins to the body.

vitamin deficiency in one long term May adversely affect the body, so drip Collagen and Vitamin is another option. For people who are deficient in certain vitamins And it’s a quick and effective way to add vitamins to your body. Vitamins are absorbed through the bloodstream for immediate use.

2.People who want to increase the efficiency of the results after threading

Thread lifting is a stimulation of collagen in the skin layer. If the patient receives Collagen and Vitamin Drip, it will increase the efficiency of thread lifting. another way too

5.People who want to strengthen their immune system

Because Collagen Drip by Waleerat Clinic contains concentrated Vitamin C components, which helps in enhancing immunity When the body has a good immune system We won’t get sick easily. have high disease resistance which is considered very important nowadays

3.People who have problems with dull skin that does not look bright

Collagen and Vitamins are very helpful. to help restore the skin add water to the skin make the skin fuller Look brighter by Waleerat Clinic’s Callagen Drip contains ingredients that help the skin look naturally radiant.

6.People who want holistic health from the inside out

Drip skin with Collagen is not just adding skin food. just for beauty but to bring essential nutrients Replenishes into the body quickly, the body can use this essential nutrients. without going through the digestive process make us healthy holistically

Procedure for making IV Drip

Cellular rejuvenation, 3 steps in one drip

benefit of


  • Skin looks more radiant. Helps restore dull skin from being attacked
  • enhance the work of collagen in the skin
  • Protects skin with antioxidants
  • Strengthen the immune system of the body to work normally.
  • Stimulate skin repair after surgery or thread lifting
  • Helps to slow down aging

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#Shorts | Skin is smooth, clear, bouncing with a healthy aura. No need to take supplements, just stop by to add Collagen at WaleeratClinic

key ingredient


Collagen, concentrated formula ( Premium Collagen )

Collagen is a small molecule Tri-Peptide level, which is considered the smallest inhaler.
can be absorbed by the body best and giving the best results as well

Vitamin C (Vitamin C High-Dose )

Contributes to the work of increasing the level of collagen, immunity and the functions of different systems in the body.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine – Vitamin B1)

contributes to the growth Repair nerves and muscles
and the heart is another 1 vitamin that helps in the functioning of other vitamins contribute to the excretion of waste into the urinary system better

Riboflavin – Vitamin B2

It is a vitamin that is essential for enzymes. and the creation process.
Stress can affect the metabolism of various nutrients in the body.

Pyridoxine – Vitamin B6

Help strengthen the body’s immune system. and help transform
of Vitamin B3 and promotes the formation of nucleic acid
Helps to slow down aging

Thioctic acid (Alpha lipoic acid–ALA)

Acetylcysteine is absorbed deep into cells at the DNA level as an antioxidant.
restoring other antioxidants, acting to eliminate free radicals to reduce inflammation and the occurrence of acne on the skin as well


able to eliminate toxins and free radicals directly
It is also a precursor of glutathione.


COLLAGEN DRIP at Waleerat Clinic

In addition to the specific formula Meticulously developed, it is still a drug, there is research supporting that the use of Collagen and various vitamins together does not affect the effectiveness of vitamins. Most importantly, a medical professional takes care of the case itself. So you can be confident that your doctor will give you vitamins. will take care of you all the time both the choice of solvent Providing the right amount of vitamins and performing standardized procedures correct according to the situation

Collagen Drip

Q & A

IV Drip What is

IV stands for intravenous (in the vein). moisturizing by using an intravenous injection like giving a saline solution causing various nutrients to be absorbed through the body immediately without having to go through the digestive process or metabolism which makes the patient Get efficiency from nutrients that nourish the skin. Better than eating Collagen or Vitamin and giving results faster than eating as well.

Is it dangerous to give vitamins with IV Drip?

For the vitamin into the line. It’s like giving saline intravenously. There may be a risk of infection. But the risk can be controlled with aseptic and hygienic techniques which Waleerat Clinic places importance on cleanliness, safety and personnel’s expertise first.

Vitamins Why some bags are big some small bags

Saline bags, or NSS, come in many different sizes. The dosage does not affect the amount of vitamins received, but does affect the concentration. Therefore, it is important to choose a clinic with a doctor to take care of you throughout the treatment. to reduce the risks that may arise

How many times to see results?

At present, there is no group of vitamins injected and can be whitened in one go. but can feel more radiant a number of times, mostly 3-5 times, the skin will look brighter or in some cases there are external factors about free radicals or internal factors Regarding heredity, both of these factors result in skin brightening slower than those with normal body and less free radicals, so only 1-2 times may make the skin a little brighter. But the internal health and sleep will definitely improve.

Is it dangerous to give vitamins with IV Drip?

For the vitamin into the line. It’s like giving saline intravenously. There may be a risk of infection. But the risk can be controlled with aseptic and hygienic techniques which Waleerat Clinic places importance on cleanliness, safety and personnel’s expertise first.

How long does IV Drip take?

Normally, the duration of collagen and vitamin administration is around 30 – 45 minutes.

Side Effects of IV Drip

Side effects after the procedure are usually less common. Generally, after IV drip, bruising, redness, itching, inflammation or redness appear in or around where the needle was inserted. which will gradually disappear by itself Or another symptom that is often found is having more frequent urination in the first 4 – 6 hours after receiving Vitamin Drip due to the drug in the Vitamin B group that helps in the waste excretion process. out of the body As a result, waste is driven better than usual in the early days and will return to normal.

Allergy to medicinal substances Occurs very rarely, however, if the patient finds swelling in the throat. body rash dangerously low blood pressure or have symptoms related to anaphylaxis after injection, seek immediate medical attention in order to prevent such allergic reactions. Patients should notify their physician in detail. Allergy food, allergy drugs, allergy vitamins for a preliminary assessment Before undergoing IV Drip

Does IV Drip hurt?

IV Drip is generally performed with a needle only while walking the syringe. and there will be a lingering pain while giving a small amount of medication After giving the drug That feeling will gradually disappear on its own.

How often should IV Drip be performed?

The frequency of IV Drip at Waleerat Clinic is determined by the patient’s need. which will be different To optimize the results of the best with each patient We use a set of guidelines to suit your individual needs. for preventive and holistic health But on average, IV Drip is given at two times per month to help balance the deficiencies of the vitamins in the body.

How much does IV Drip cost?

If the patient is interested in doing IV Drip with Waleerat Clinic, you can message me for price and promotion with our Customer Service via Line Official : @waleerat or click 40 Or call for more information: 02-821-5400

Can I do IV Drip together with taking Callagen?

can generally If the patient wants to maintain the results of beautiful skin To stay with the patient for a long time by Waleerat Clinic, we have a new collagen formula called “Valen Collagen” that is easy to eat. No need to mix water, just tear and pour into the mouth, it can be absorbed into the body. Without losing the amount of Collagen. More information about “Valen Collagen” click

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