Nose Thread Lift

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

#threading the nose

new nose augmentation technology
beautiful prominent nose
with your own tissue

Nose thread lifting is
threading into the bridge of the nose
to get the height of the nose
as the patient wants
without having to perform rhinoplasty using silicone

But the results are similar to that of silicone augmentation.
and put a line of silk into the nose
This is to adjust the angle of the nose to be higher.
and causing the formation of skin tissues

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
causing a fleshy nose to come up

results after doing is the nose that immediately became prominent
The tip of the nose jumped upward, looking more dimensional.
without leaving scars Only a few hundred silks
that will gradually disappear within 1 – 2 hours

which is different from the nose
To give time to recuperate, wounds must be healed.
for a longer time very suitable for patients
with less recovery time but want to be beautiful
The beauty of the nose with immediate results without recuperation

Thread lifting. The doctor chooses to use dissolved silk threads.
PDO (polydioxanone)
can dissolve on its own within the body
therefore leaving no residue
inside the body

Has a spine shape (cog, barb).
The skin of the spines
Stimulates collagen and builds new tissues.

Silk threading process

with a special technique to inject small silk


Nose Thread Thread Review


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Natural Nose_Syoko


Natural Nose_Syoko


Natural Nose_Syoko

working mechanism

Injecting melted silk for nose augmentation

When injecting silk threads into the body’s surface layer will automatically start signaling to self-heal
stimulate collagen and accelerate the creation of new tissues to surround the silk threads

The silk threads will dissolve by the body’s natural mechanisms, thus causing no residue.

The collagen layer and the new tissues that are created remain intact and are constantly being stimulated by the body.

When the silk threads have dissolved, the body still has the process of creating collagen all the time. Therefore, the collagen that was created will remain the same even if the silk threads have dissolved.
Can last for 2 – 5 years

Threading the nose

Who is it suitable for?

People with nose problems and hoarseness
not prominent, unclear nose shape or no nose
Threading can increase height.
of the bridge of the nose, the face looks more dimensional

The nose bridge is not straight, there is a problem or the nose is disproportionate. Thread lifting can correct the shape of the nose. slanted nose bridge To return to have a straight ridge, not bent and able to remove the hut around the nose.

People who want to enhance the beauty of the nose The surgeon can plan for thread lifting. in order to follow the principles of physiognomy

The shape of the tip of the nose is not beautiful. I want it to be a beautiful water drop shape. tip up to adjust the shape of the protruding nose upward and add water drop

What kind of nose can be threaded?


The nose has an unattractive shape, broken or hoarse, and has no dimensions.


The tip of the nose is bent, it looks like a witch’s nose.

ร้อยไหมจมูก แก้ปัญหาดั้งหัก

Broken nose bridge or hump is a convex look. The ridge area is not beautiful.

silk for nose

what does it look like

ไหมเงี่ยง วัสดุพรีเมี่ยม

Strong silk (Cog, Barb) silk has characteristics.
The spines are made by using a laser to cut the silk threads.
to be spineless which the skin is exposed to the spines
Will help to adhere to the skin.
and stimulate the production of collagen around the silk threads

according to the nature of the spines
The more the spines or the skin touch.
The more good collagen stimulation

The properties of the nasal thread

  • Good adhesion to the skin layer
  • stimulate collagen and elastin as well
    according to the surface of the silk that is the spines
  • The nature of the spines depends on
    Design The more silky spines, the more surface.
    The more good collagen stimulation
    By Waleerat Clinic’s silk, there is a cut.
    make silk by using a laser to make silk
    It is of higher quality and efficiency than general silk.
  • The melting of the silk threads is gradual.
    shattered by spines
    This makes the results of silk last longer.
    and after all the silk is gone
    skin with collagen production
    Will it create nasal tissue?
    to the patient beautifully

Prepare before threading the nose

Generally, threading can do
without prior preparation
like surgery But if the patient has further questions
For example, patients are taking certain medications regularly.
or have other congenital diseases
You can consult with Waleerat Clinic.
First come at Line Official : @waleerat
or click

How to care for the nose thread

Avoid touching your face and nose.

Avoid touching the nose area unnecessarily for 30 minutes.

Refrain from massaging the face. especially around the nose

Avoid heat on the face for about 2 weeks.

Take collagen and vitamin supplements in
In the beginning as an aid to stimulate collagen

* In fact, Nose Injection has almost no contraindications before or after the procedure. because it is not a surgery or surgery

About threading

Nose Injection Information

The length of the thread
Apply local anesthesia
about 30 minutes
and threading
about 30 minutes
can lead a normal life The wound must not be exposed to water for the first 24 hours.

pain reliever

use a local anesthetic
by applying anesthetic
nose area
before the procedure
follow-up treatment
Make an appointment to follow up on symptoms.
after the procedure
at the discretion of the physician
Silk cutting time
no cut
because of threading
does not cause surgical scars
therefore do not have to
duration of treatment
After threading, there are scars.
about 2 – 3 weeks
Then the cycle will gradually fade.


Threading the nose

What is thread lifting for nose augmentation?

Threading the nose is the insertion of threads.
in the bridge of the nose by inserting it through the area
the tip of the nose to make the bridge of the nose rise

where the silk threads are stacked in the nose bridge
and pushing the nose up into shape

without surgery Silk threaded into the nose
will gradually dissolve and stimulate the
Create collagen and elastin
In the nasal axis, new tissue is formed.

You will see results immediately after the injection is completed and you will see full results in 2 – 3 weeks.

How many types of nose threads are there?

There are 3 types of rhinoplasty.
1.Nose bridge Hundred to increase the height of the nose bridge sharpen the nose
2.snip the tip of the nose It is threading at the tip of the nose. To lengthen the ends, lift them up.
3. Hundred to collect the wings of the nose Threading to increase the length of the nose Threading the hump, adjusting physiognomy

How long does threading around the nose last?

silk premium material PCL soluble silk, thick, soft yarn
Is it unique here? Special order 4D
Stimulates collagen higher than general silk
which after this, when the material is completely disintegrated from the body
will remain the actual tissue that was created to surround the silk material.
Makes the real tissue persist for 2 – 5 years

Nasal injections, are there any side effects?

Thread lifting, most of the time, there are no side effects or residues. For threading nose augmentation, there is a disadvantage, just not being durable. compared to surgery to last a lifetime that is durable

Are there any scars after the injection?

The scar is very small, only 0.1mm. The size of a pen mark and will gradually disappear within 1 – 2 hours, unlike rhinoplasty where scars may be left. after surgery and have a way to take care of yourself longer than threading

After threading the nose How many days do you have swelling and bruising?

There may be swelling and bruising for only 2-3 days depending on the individual skin condition. In some cases, bruising is not swollen. Because after the surgery, there is a small wound of 0.01 mm. 1-2 days, the wound will disappear on its own. Can reduce swelling and bruising by drinking pumpkin juice. or pumpkin soup after threading or immediately injected It will greatly reduce swelling and bruising.

Precautions to prevent infection after threading the nose ?

– Should abstain within 14 days after the procedure (if you really can’t do it, you should abstain for at least 48 hours)
– Avoid eating raw food from unclean restaurants as some parasites can react with the skin and cause inflammation.
– should refrain from smoking There are many substances in cigarettes that dilate blood vessels. will slow down swelling and the treatment effect was shorter.
– Avoid foods that are very sweet, cow’s milk, as it can stimulate the inflammatory process.

Nose threading, is it good?

Nose thread lifting advantages, less recovery time. If the thread is broken, the collagen will remain and become the real nose tissue which will not cause the nose to return to its original shape. Suitable for people who already have the same nose base, not sharp nose bridge or bad tip.

How many needles do you need to thread the threads on the nose?

Initially, the doctor will assess the nose for problems. and recommend as appropriate Initially, it is recommended to start with 2-6 threads for those who are worried about using the number of threads. stop worrying You can send pictures, chat, consult with Facial Designer, just add Line : @waleerat or click

Is thread lifting for nose augmentation dangerous?

There are different advantages and disadvantages if you choose to thread your nose with an experienced surgeon. In a standardized clinic, it is safe. and reduce other risks that can be dangerous The dangers of threading the nose as if in the process of making The doctor inserted a needle into the capillaries in the nose. It can cause bruising and blotches.

after threading the nose When finished, there will be a wound from the needle marks. If not clean and use plaster to paste the needle on it.

A hundred silk can collect the wings of the nose, is it true?

Threading can be used to collect the wings of the nose. Suitable for people who have problems with large nose wings, wide nose wings, a lot of nose texture. It looks too wide to be unsuitable. In this case, the patient can thread the nose wing to make it smaller and more slender. Without having to hurt the surgery, this technique will have no wounds, which

Thread lifting for rhinoplasty, how is Waleerat Clinic different from other places?

The difference that we are not like any other with silk material selected as premium Order to produce special spines, 3D structure, high collagen stimulation. So there is no need to inject hundreds of lines. can create a lot of prominent nasal tissue and every case is injected by a medical teacher who leads training in face shape adjustment No Surgery of Thailand

How much does thread thread for nose augmentation cost?

The price of threading will be different according to the number of threads used The patient has to evaluate the face shape with the medical teacher first. Due to the basic shape of the nose of each patient There will be a need for a different number of silk threads. The doctor will assess the number of threads according to the results after thread lifting. and the needs of the patients as well If interested, ask for details on the nose. You can contact Line to consult with Face Designer at Line : @waleerat click or call for more information: 02-821-5400

Advantages and disadvantages of threading nose augmentation

Strength It is a safe rhinoplasty with no risks due to non-surgical procedures. no silicone Therefore, do not be afraid to penetrate slanted nose and do not need to recuperate after the procedure The wound is only 0.1 mm. in addition, it also stimulates our own collagen production. Therefore, even if the silk threads are completely dissolved But the nose will still look prominent and beautiful as before. More importantly, the silk threads can also dissolve by themselves. The duration of the silk It depends on the type of silk of each type.

Weakness That is, the duration may not last as long as the silicone augmentation. And if any of you has a lot of meat on the ridge of the nose It is necessary to use many strands of silk. Therefore, in some cases, it may cost more than other forms of rhinoplasty.

Threading for nose augmentation, is it safe?

The current thread It was developed to have more standards and safety than the past. The silk material used must be certified by the FDA. for noticeable safety and efficiency Research has shown that threading can cause irritation. and sensitivity to yarn or very few serious side effects Most of the problems are caused by the doctor’s inexperience in thread lifting. Waleerat Clinic, we use a doctor who has experience in thread lifting especially. thus ensuring efficiency and results

Nose augmentation Can thread threads be threaded for nose augmentation again?

In the event that the patient has enough nasal tissue left to thread the threads can do and is often done in cases of patients who have had rhinoplasty but still dissatisfied with the results Nose Thread Lifting therefore can adjust the shape of the nose to be as the patient wants

Threading for nose augmentation, does it hurt?

Thread lifting, there may be some pain. Normally, there may be some burning pain while injecting the anesthetic, but it will definitely not hurt as much as surgery. Therefore, it is suitable for those who are anxious, afraid of needles, afraid of pain, afraid of blood, but still want a beautiful nose. and after threading There may still be some stiffness from the anesthetic.

Contraindications after threading nose augmentation
  • Should not massage the face, do treatments, steam the face, or apply heat to the face for at least 48 hours after thread lifting. 
  • outdoor exercise including being out in the sun for a long time, should be in the shade or a cool place
  • You should use a cold compress as recommended by your doctor. after threading To reduce swelling – bruising after thread lifting
Can filler injections thread threads?

Most of the time, it is recommended that Filler in the area dissolve first because of the doctor. Must be assessed from a hundred? from a real nose for the best and safest thread lifting results

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