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“Aesthetical upliftment of the face without Surgeon’s Knife”

What is thread lifting?

Onyx Thread Lift Methods

Onyx silk is innovation in making Molding thread, which was invented and developed in Korea.  Threads are designed to look different from common threads,

which can be designed to have larger barbs and threads, be able to pull and lift more than common threads.

Molding thread can adjust V-shaped face, help slim the face, tighten the sagging skin, look naturally younger. 

Barbed thread is characterized by 2-directional arrow head, helping to slim the face, lift and tighten the face more effectively than common threads

Helping stimulate more collagen with the results of lifting, tightening that can last up to 5 years.  Apart from making the face look older than age,the problems of big face, sagging skin, not looking firm also make an aspiration to have V-shaped face, slim face collapse too. These big obstacles have worried many women. These problems can be easily corrected with Onyx silk.  V-shaped face threading helps to lift, tighten, slim the face, helping women to have V-shaped face of their dream.   

Super Lock Thread lift to provide a slim face.

Who is suitable for this product.

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1.Those who have problems with sagging skin, not tightening due to increasing age.

Onyx thread lifting is suitable for those with very sagging skin. Because the silk is more effective in lifting and tightening than general threads. and can maintain results for up to 5 years longer than conventional silk

4.Those who have problems lots of cheek meat Makes the face sagging, not firm

Onyx thread lifting can help people with profuse cheeks, drooping cheeks, and a sagging and unsightly look. to become a person with a toned face that can look like a v-chef

2.Those who have problems with the face is not shaped. front frame not clear Need more clarity of the front frame

Threading Onyx can keep the face frame tighter. help make the face smaller As a result, the face frame looks clearer as well.

5.People with facial skin problems due to decreased collagen under the skin

Thread lifting can stimulate collagen under the skin layer. and increase the flexibility of elastin Suitable for patients with shabby skin, not bright, to return to have full, plump, luscious skin again.

3.Those who have problems with wrinkles of age, deep grooves such as cheek grooves

The work of Onyx silk helps to reduce wrinkles. Deep grooves can be up to 2 ways, which is to immediately lift and tighten deep wrinkles. and can stimulate collagen under the skin layer Helps the skin look fuller after 1-2 months of thread lifting as well.

6.Those who want to have a slimmer, smaller face, look more V-chef.

Thread lifting Onyx can lift the face to make it look slimmer, the face looks more V-chef.

4 steps, face threading, slim face

Onyx Thread Lift Program


Before – after threading a slender face



3 advantages of threading a slender face

1. Adjust the shape of the face to be slender. get a picture of V Chef’s face

Onyx thread lifting will help slim face shape in 1-2 months after thread lifting. and will be able to stay with the patient for up to 5 years


2. Fix sagging skin Helps the skin to be firm and firm

Threading Onyx will be able to create collagen and elastin. which makes the patient’s face look fuller Look and feel like a young woman again.

3. Reduce wrinkles, help deep grooves to be noticeably better.

Effectively slowing down wrinkles And there are still results of youthfulness even after 5 years.

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Threading Onyx Silk at
Waleerat Clinic

What’s so special?

Characteristics of Onyx silk is a melted silk made of PDO material (Polydioxanone) in the form of casting silk or Molding, length 10 cm. stimulate collagen and can be lifted in all directions Designed for use with blunt-tipped needles or L-Type makes thread threading without swelling, bruising and safety.

Properties of Onyx Silk

  • face lift
  • reduce sagging skin
  • Tight skin, not wrinkled
  • reduce wrinkles
  • smooth skin
  • V-chef face shape adjustment
  • slim face, small face
  • Results last for 5 years

Comparison of cutting silk and molding silk

1.Silk thread cutting method is used to cut the silk needles into the silk thread. Make the silk fragile, easily torn if the needles are not cut properly. can tear silk
2.Cutting silk threads. Silk has a small line. Therefore, the tensile strength of the silk is not very high. because if too much force is applied Silk is easily broken.
3.Since silk threads are cutting threads, usually the treating doctor doesn’t need to have knowledge of thread lifting. Molding can perform thread lifting.Since silk threads are cutting threads, usually the treating doctor doesn’t need to have knowledge of thread lifting. Molding can perform thread lifting.
4.general thread threading Most often seen using a pointed needle. like a syringe in threading So there is a chance of swelling and bruising very easily.

1.Molding silk threads are used to cast silk threads. to have specific characteristics as desired, such as adding silk spines without cutting like a cutting method
2.Molding silk has bigger lines. more strength Not easy to break like a cutting design, designed to have higher tensile strength. Makes the face lift better.
3.Must be done by a doctor who has a specific expertise. because the silk is large The doctor must determine how long the thread is placed at the proper depth. to prevent the threads from appearing after threading
4.Thread threading Onyx is designed to be used with blunt-tip needles with L-Shape needles to cause swelling and bruising after thread threading. It is much less common than thread-threading with a normal needle.

Video review of silk thread for slender face

Thread lift, cheek lift, face frame : WALEERAT CLINIC REVIEW #hundred silk #ONYX #hundred silk V face

taking care of yourself before
Silk Thread Onyx

Generally, threading can do without having to prepare in advance like a surgery But if the patient has additional questions, for example, the patient is taking certain medications regularly or have other congenital diseases can come and consult with Facial Designer ของ Waleerat Clinic First come at Line Official : @waleerat or click

self care after
Silk Thread Onyx

1.Do not allow the wound to come into contact with water for 24 hours by using a cotton pad moistened with water. or cleansing for wiping the face Wipe all over your face, excluding the area where the thread is threaded.
2.Refrain from moving the face in the thread threading area. Because in the early stages there may be pain and stiffness. But these symptoms will gradually disappear on their own.
3.Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. for at least 1 week due to smoking And alcohol will block the process of creating collagen in the body. reduce the efficiency of threading
4.Should not wash your face, rub your face or rub your eyes vigorously. Should gently touch your face. You can apply cream and make-up normally after 24 hours of thread lifting.
5.Vitamin C and collagen can be taken to stimulate collagen production. and elastin under the skin increase the efficiency of threading
6.Refrain from facial massage, facial spa treatment or any treatment for a period of 1 week to reduce inflammation of the face. after threading

About threading Onyx

Onyx Thread Lift Information

Length of threading
It takes approx.
20 – 30 minutes
Patients can go home. after surgery By refraining from allowing the wound to come into contact with water for 24 hours.

pain relief medication

Anesthesia is applied along with massage to give effective anesthetic effect.
follow-up treatment
Update with the doctor 1 week after thread lifting and 1 month after thread lifting
Silk cutting time
Thread lifting does not cause scars.
So there’s no cutting?
duration of treatment
in some patients There may be a slight swelling or bruising, but the patient can lead a normal life.

Frequently asked questions about threading

Q & A

1.Hundred threads help with what?
  • First of all, the thread threading mechanism This will result in an immediate lifting and tightening of the skin where the patient will see a clearer face shape. shallow cheek groove The wrinkles on the face are shallower. immediately after threading
  • Second, about a week after threading, the threads will stimulate the contraction of fat tissue. resulting in firmer skin and will be noticeably firmer after 2 months after the procedure
  • Third, thread lifting will promote collagen production. and the creation of new elastin It is like to renew your skin at the cellular level. Helps the skin look younger

All of these work together between the patient’s skin and the silk threads. There may not be much difference in results. Depending on internal and external factors such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, it also affects this outcome.

2.What material is used for threading?

colorless polyester brought to knit up to have the characteristics of a line similar to silk, which this type of silk It will break down in your body after about 6 months.

At present, silk thread production for threading was developed to shape different faces to provide different results and performance as well

3. Threading the slender face how long to stay

Thread lifting at Waleerat Clinic we use Onyx, a molding thread developed and developed in Korea. The silk thread is special and its uniqueness is large silk threads because of the production of silk Will it come out of the body? It is not the same as using cutting silk, which is the creation of silk spines. from notching into the silk One of the specialties of Onyx silk is effective in lifting more than general silk and can provide results for up to 5 years

4.How is thread lifting at Waleerat Clinic different from others?

Waleerat Clinic guarantees confidence with the No.1 Asia Face Lifting award and a customer base and reviews of thread lifting more than 10,000 cases over a period of more than 10 years, ready to give you an experience of rejuvenating your face, tightening, adjusting your V-chef face with results. Every silk weave is woven by hand and care. Layer by Layer face design by a professional medical teacher and passed the silk threading training by Cao Pha to create a beautiful face and the most natural

5.Threading the slender face How many strands of silk were used in total?

For slender face thread lifting or Onyx thread lifting, the patient has to assess the face shape with a medical teacher first. Due to the basic shape of each patient’s face There will be a need for a different number of silk threads. The doctor will assess the number of threads according to the results after thread lifting. and the needs of the patients as well If interested, ask for details on slender silk threads. You can contact Line to consult with Face Designer at Line : @waleerat click or call for more information: 02-821-5400

6.Threading the slender face How long does it take?

Thread lifting, or Onyx thread lifting, takes only 15 to 30 minutes, after which the patient can go home. without the need for recuperation Just refrain from touching the water around the thread for 24 hours.

7.Does the molding thread give the same results as normal threads?

Molding silk is specially designed for lifting and tightening the face. It will give results of lifting that are superior to general silk. and maintain the effectiveness of the results for up to 5 years, which is considered to be 5 times more effective than general threads

8.Thread lifting, slender face, when will I see results?

Onyx thread lifting will see visible results within 1-2 months from thread lifting. The main factor depends on the age of the patient. and the patient’s problems as well Your age is one of the key factors in how your body produces new, strong collagen in a short amount of time. or longer

9.Can I have Bo Filler injections? Can I thread the threads?

Can be done together with thread lifting on a slender face. For results in lifting and filling wrinkles. better trenches and faster

10.Is it safe or not?

The current thread It was developed to have more standards and safety than in the past. The silk material used must be certified by the FDA. for noticeable safety and efficiency Research has shown that threading can cause irritation. and sensitivity to yarn or very few serious side effects Most of the problems are caused by the doctor’s inexperience in thread lifting. Waleerat Clinic, we use a doctor who has experience in thread lifting especially. thus ensuring efficiency and results

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