Ruby No.5 Thread Injection

Get to know PLLA thread lift.

RUBY NO.5 youthful trick with perfect face in every direction

Ruby No.5 is designed for facial tightening. Look younger by rejuvenating and providing the powerful skin-lifting effective result.

How Ruby no.5 work?

Deep wrinkles and furrows are fulfilled. The full results of Ruby no.5 will be shown in 2-4 weeks after the operation. After that, the face becomes youthful, and the result of Ruby no.5 lasts for 5 years.

After 5 years, Wrinkling should not be a point of concern since the thread effectively injected underneath the skin has a continuous collagen-stimulating property. Thus, Ruby no.5  can slow down sagging or wrinkles and maintain a youthful face for an extended period.

Program RUBY NO.5

Recommended RUBY NO.5 to those who

Program RUBY NO.5

Recommended RUBY NO.5 to those who

Wrinkles is the cause

People with sagging and wrinkled skin problems, various shallow wrinkles

want to look younger

People who want to look younger than their actual age, to have tight skin and enhance the firmness of the skin.

Those who do not want to the long recovery period, and have results at least 5 years.


Those who do not want surgery or fear of pain, and do not want to have a surgical incision.

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RUBY NO.5 คุณเจี๊ยบ ปวีณา ดารานักแสดง

Thread Lifting Procedure

with the experienced doctors

The type of thread lifting


Ruby No.5 thread which is used to inject into the skin for tightening, reducing wrinkles, and refilling facial features, is a mono-thread which has collagen stimulated property.

Moreover, the thread is Chromic Catgut made out of PLLA (Poly L-Lactic Acid) which is both flexible and durable.


Which area can get RUBY NO.5 thread lifting?

Thread lifting RUBY no.5 can be used to inject in all facial areas. However, the most popular site is the forehead, eye and eyebrows, front cheeks, the corner of the mouth, and the jawline. The area of thread lifting does not affect the effectiveness of the operation but provides a different result. 

How to prepare yourself before getting RUBY NO.5 thread lift?

For those interested in Ruby No.5, there is no preparation required before the operation. The procedure operates on a microneedle with chromic catgut and a local anesthetic which would cause no pain for the patients. 

Instruction after doing RUBY NO.5

Avoid heavy contact

Avoid heavy facial contact for 1-3 days.

Consume supplement to help regenerate new tissue

Consume supplements that help stimulate collagen and elastin production, such as  Collagen,  Vitamin C, Lycopene, Genistein, and Omega 3.

Avoid makeup

Avoid makeup for 4-6 hours after the operation 

Avoid heat exposure

Avoid face exposure to heat for 2 week

Refrain from massaging

Refrain from massaging in the injection area.

* In fact, there is practically no restriction for injecting Ruby No.5 thread before or after since it is not a surgical procedure

If anyone has concerns about sagging skin, prominent deep wrinkles, or early aging face. 

“Thread injection for youthful face RUBY No.5”

It is an alternative method to efficiently restore youthfulness to the skin for at least 5 years.
More importantly, it is a method that is suitable for people who are afraid of pain or fear that the face will have scars for a long time. However, It should be done on a continuous basis for better results. 


Did the thread lift injection hurt?

Almost painless due to the use of microneedle

Are there any scars?

There is almost no scar after the procedure due to the ultra-fine needle.

Concern about food consumption?

Food can be consumed normally, however, alcohol and fermented food should be avoided to reduce inflammation.

Are there any side effects or residues?

PLLA material can be 100% degraded from the body, leaving no residue inside the body.

How long does a thread lift last?

the result of thread lift will last for 5 years

Reviews from customers

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รีวิว Ruby No.5 คุณเจี๊ยบ ปวีณา ชารีฟสกุล

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