“Aesthetical upliftment of the face without Surgeon’s Knife”

What is

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Methods

“HIFU (Hifu)” is another step of technology that uses ultrasound waves (Ultrasound) to help solve sagging skin, lack of firmness, and lack of collagen, helping to lift and tighten the skin. adjust the shape of the face to be slender Solve the problem of a sagging face ‘ Haifu ‘ is a high-intensity ultrasound sound wave technology. and penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layer The fascia layer that supports the skin tissue in the SMAS layer to shrink, creating new collagen and elastin in the skin layer. Makes the face tighter, firmer, younger-looking skin.

HIFU is a heat energy ultrasound technology. Shot on the skin causing the skin layer to shrink. This treatment solves the problem of raising the corners of the mouth, drooping eyelids, drooping eyebrows, and making the skin look younger. Haifu is, therefore, an innovation suitable for people with facial sagging problems. fear of needles is Suitable for those who start with wrinkles.

Hifu lift

Who is it for?

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1.people with problems sagging face look not firm

This problem is more common in older patients. Facial skin begins to sag, not firm. ‘Haifu’ can shrink the SMAS layer, making the face look firmer.

4.people with large pores Pores are not tightened.

‘ Haifu ‘ can stimulate the skin. to tighten up thus helping to make the pores that used to be wide, look smaller and ‘Hifu’ also stimulates collagen. make the skin look fuller thus helping to tighten pores as well.

2.those who want Make the face frame look clearer. gives the face a dimensional look

Doing ‘Haifu’ can tighten the face frame to make it look clearer and look more dimensional after the SMAS layer has contracted and the results will be clearly seen. After 1 month

5.Those who want to reduce the wattle under the chin

wattle under the chin due to the lack of firmness of the pores or fat that accumulates under the skin Too much wattle area, doing ‘Haifu’ will help tighten the wattle. Help the wattle at the craft. sagging disappeared

3.with a dull face The face does not look bright

Those who have dull face, not clear, doing ‘Haifu’ can help stimulate collagen. and elastin under the skin make the skin look fuller have more water bright skin look alive

6.Those who want to have a slimmer, smaller face, look more V-chef.

Doing ‘Haifu’ helps tighten the face. Adjust the face shape to look smaller, slender, and look like a V-Shape.

4 The procedure for doing haifu lifting

4 steps of High-intensity focused ultrasound


Before – after doing Haifu, lifting and tightening



3 Advantages of doing Hifu

1. Adjust the shape of the face to be slender get a picture of V Chef’s face

After the haifu, the face will be gradually tightened and the face will be slender and look V-Shape in a period of 1 – 2 months.


2. fix sagging skin Helps the skin to be firmer, tighter, pores look smaller.

help older people have sagging skin To come back to be firm, look firm, rejuvenate the patient’s skin again.

3. Reduce wrinkles, help deep grooves to be noticeably better.

Haifu is suitable for people who start to have wrinkles. But still don’t want to make a decision? or perform surgery Haifu can stimulate aging skin. come back shallow

Feelings while doing and after doing haifu

You will feel warmth on your skin while doing the haifu. There may be a slight tingling sensation in some areas such as the corners of the jaw, cheekbones, forehead, which these symptoms are normal. Because the skin in that area a thin skin and has little fat But these symptoms will go away after it’s done.

The skin is free from blisters, scabs, or burning, and most of the time, anesthetics are not needed. but for patients who are afraid of getting hurt An anesthetic can be requested.

After the haifu treatment, there may be a slight redness from the heat. And it will disappear on its own within 1-2 hours. Some people experience facial pain in the first 24 hours. This is normal.

Features of Haifu

  • face lift clearer face frame
  • Solve the problem of sagging skin
  • Younger looking skin
  • reduce wrinkles Effectively deep trenches
  • smooth skin Pores look smaller.
  • Modify the V-Chef’s face
  • slim face, small face
  • Results last 10 – 12 months.

Silk thread VS Hifu

how different


1. HIfu It is the use of ultrasound waves. high concentration Send to destroy tissues in the skin layer deep to the SMAS layer causing the skin in the SMAS layer to shrink to cause the creation of collagen and new tissues. Makes the skin look firmer and younger
2. Doing haifu will not feel pain. and no bruises or redness left after the procedure Not the same as threading But may have to exchange with a less effective period of about 8 – 12 months
3. Average price of Haifu is cheaper compared to threading However It depends on the efficiency of the machine. Each type of haifu as well. at present There is a haifu machine. There are many brands in the market.
4. Hifu patients may choose a standardized establishment. There are personnel who have been trained in making haifu especially, may not require specialized experts. like threading

1. Thread lifting is the use of different types of melted silk threads into the skin. In order to stimulate the skin to create new collagen. and collagen will come to tighten the silk make your face firm and the tissues at the area of the silk are more compact can be used on the whole page And it’s a clear way to reduce wrinkles.
2. Thread lifting is a method that has long-term results depending on the type of thread, approximately 1-2 years and after. The skin will continue to produce collagen and tissue. The amount of silk you use depends on the size and type of silk. Sometimes your face may be swollen depending on the skill of the doctor.
3.Thread lifting, on average It will cost more than haifu, but it comes with a longer time to see results. In general, normal PDO silk will give an average result of 1 – 2 years, but nowadays some silk threads are like casting silk or Molding silk. can last up to a year
4. Thread lifting must be performed by a specialist in a specific field. due to having to use a needle to stab into the inner layer of the skin Does the doctor need to determine the length of the placement? to the depth and suitable position to prevent the silk threads from appearing after threading or cause the result of threading get more efficiency

Video Review of Hifu Lifting

Khun Bank MONO 29 HIFU for the first time!! WALEERAT CLINIC REVIEW with making Hifu

Great review when Olive wants a HIFU face lift, how much does it answer!?

taking care of yourself before
make haifu

Does the patient need to prepare anything special? Just get enough rest, no make-up, on the day of the Hifu treatment, if you have any doubts or want to ask more You can talk to consult with Facial Designer of Waleerat Clinic first at Line Official : @waleerat or click

self care after make haifu

1.Use a skin cream to moisturize. And apply sunscreen with high SPF and PA to prevent the skin that has just undergone the haifu treatment from being damaged by sunlight and pollution.
2.Eat all 5 food groups, especially fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins. can eat collagen peptides and vitamin C to stimulate the creation of more collagen
3.Refrain from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. for at least 1 week due to smoking And alcohol will block the process of creating collagen in the body. reduce the efficiency of threading
4.Do not massage or rub your face vigorously after 2 weeks.
5.Vitamin C and collagen can be taken to stimulate collagen production. and elastin under the skin increase the efficiency of threading
6.Refrain from facial massage, facial spa treatment or any treatment for a period of 1 week to reduce inflammation of the face. after threading

About making Hifu

Hifu Information

Time for making haifu
It takes approx.
30 – 45 minutes
Patients can go home. and can lead a normal life

pain relief medication

Anesthesia is applied along with massage to give effective anesthetic effect.
follow-up treatment
Update with doctor 1 week after thread lifting and 1 month after haifu
Silk cutting time
Haifu is not surgery. does not cause wound So there’s no cutting?
duration of treatment
Haifu does not need to recuperate. can go home and lead a normal life

Frequently asked questions about making haifu

Q & A

What is Haifu?

HIFU stands for ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’.

is the use of ultrasound waves With high concentrations to destroy tissues in the deep skin layer to the SMAS layer (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System). When the skin in the SMAS layer is destroyed, the muscles will contract. make the skin look firmer along with stimulating collagen at the same time It makes the skin firmer, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin is smooth. You can look younger, with visible changes immediately after the procedure and will gradually become more noticeable until new collagen is completely created.

Haifu side effects

Doing haifu might be a bit painful while doing it, which is normal. And there will be redness, bruising, swelling after the procedure, which can be found normally as well. Not a serious side effect and is not harmful to the patient which these marks It can heal on its own in 1-2 weeks after the procedure.

How long does Haifu last?

On average, the efficiency of the procedure will be around 8-12 months after which the patient can receive the procedure again. When you feel that the performance starts to deteriorate

How many shots does Haifu take to see results?

The number of shots for each shot It depends on the person that there is a problem with facial skin, how much – how little, which each person has not the same. but is more suitable for those with less wrinkles and must be done continuously to see the result clearly. In general, patients usually do 300 – 1000 shots.

Precautions for making haifu

Although doing haifu is a way to tighten. with high security But still, you should consult a doctor who specializes in facial reshaping. to estimate the number of shots Evaluate the patient’s face shape. and the concentration of energy used in detail and suitable for the needs of the skin and the area for maximum efficiency of making haifu

Contraindications to making haifu
  • Do not do in pregnant women.
  • people who have received treatment by surgical removal of metal plates Layout under the skin layer, should not do
  • wounded person that has not yet healed Should refrain from doing the procedure until the wound or inflammation has healed.
Where can I do Hifu?

in fact Can be done all over the face and body in order to lift the skin. However should be under the supervision of a medical professional for safe results

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