Reveal the secret of

dissolving fat with the best drug.

V FACE PROGRAM contains VBELLA, the best drug designed to destroy fat cells with DCA content of 
up to 40 mg.  It plays an important role in effectively destroying fat cells and works together with GLYCERIN to make the skin firmer after fat cells are dissolved, which is suitable for all fat cells. That is, 

with the drug VBELLA

Active 3 Steps

destroy fat cells

after drug release
at each point appropriately
The drug will make fat cells.
breaks and enters the driving process.
out of the body


process of removal from the body
will be excreted through the lymphatic system
So it’s not just burning.
but it is destruction
thus making the proportion smaller
permanent, not yo-yo


After 1 week
The body will stimulate
Collagen makes the skin firmer.
therefore not causing excess sagging

injection procedure



It is suitable for you?

round face Cheeks are noticeably sagging.

People who want to have a clearer face frame because there is a lot of fat Even though Bo had arrived, his face was still not slender.


injecting fat pills


VFACE Program ลดแก้มกลมคุณโบว์


VFACE Program คุณแพร สลายไขมันลดแก้มย้อย


VFACE Program น้องมิ้นท์ หลังทำเพียงครั้งเดียว

Popular problems for

Before injecting fat dissolving drugs

No 1.

Most common problem arises from a group of people who had fat injected before, then start drug resistance with no visible results and often have non-firm skin too.

No 2.

Having a large amount of fat mass, but not wanting liposuction or surgery, but wanting to result in reducing fat mass in the most problematic areas, namely the abdomen, 
upper arms, thigh and wattle. 

Care to ensure clear results 

after injection of the fat-dissolving drug:

Avoid heat after treatment.  Massage with hands or machine with no heat waves to help stimulate for better effectiveness.  Refrain from fried, oily food and drink plenty of water to help accelerate the elimination of dissolved fat.  For a large amount of accumulated fat mass, treatment should be continued as assessed by doctor.


Solve grievances

Did you inject it and did it hurt? Are there any side effects?

There is a little pain 2/10, the drug does not hurt and we use very small needles. and there is an anesthetic mark cold compress Therefore, it can alleviate concerns. The drug contains DCA, a substance that mimics Bile Acid in the human body, so it is safe and not allergic.

Are there any scars?

VFACE PROGRAM after doing no scars, just injecting water and did not catch a lump after doing it because the drug has been standardized from Korea about absorption and degradation

Do I have to be careful about food?

You hardly need to be careful about your diet. Just refrain from alcoholic beverages at first to reduce swelling, inflammation, and drink plenty of water, refrain from fried foods to reduce the accumulation of new fat.

Are there any side effects after doing it?

no side effects Only the lifting will increase after 2 weeks.

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