Filling fat, slowing down aging, adjusting facial physiognomy
is injecting or filling one's own fat

Selected only Active Baby Fat
Replenish the skin, anti-aging performance

Injection or filling of select Active Baby Fat to fill the skin, anti-aging effectiveness, ultimate innovation in 2022. Reveal new “Baby Fat Graft” technique for face reshaping, slowing down aging from filling the face with a new program designed to fill the baby skin. 

Guaranteed results with The Golden Standard award for lifting and tightening the skin without recovery (Minimal Invasive).  

The machine system creates, adds new functions to optimize the design, reshape the face with micro-focus images for the doctor to put the waves with full effectiveness. 

Ulthera SPT has been certified by FDA, MOA. It is suitable for individual procedures, is Ulthera wave shooting, delivering powerful energy to SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system)

It shoots an Ulthera wave that sends powerful energy.
to the skin layer SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system).

to stimulate the skin Layer for regeneration under the deep skin layer and stimulate the areas of waves shot to create collagen with combined SPT (See-Plan-Treat) functions.

The system supports the doctor’s work to design personalized treatments, making the results clear and can lock the skin for up to 2 years with neither pain nor recovery needed.

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