Ruby No.5 technique, restoring firmness, reducing wrinkles

Ruby No.5 injecting melted silk ruby crystal structure stimulate collagen production restore firm skin structure.

Trouble of people aged 30+ as the age increases, wrinkles, sagging start to be problems. Ruby No.5 silk is an innovation in anti-aging dimension.

You… don’t have to use filler. Ruby. No.5 is insertion of Ruby structured thread (Multi-Screw) under the skin layer to stimulate skin rejuvenation.

The body creates collagen around threads. While after injection, threads begin to dissolve.

For the face repaired by the body, the skin becomes visibly fuller and tighter.

This method can lift and tighten, rejuvenate for up to 5 years by replacing injection of fillers.

What is RUBY NO.5

เส้นไหม การร้อยไหม หน้าเด็ก รูบี้นัมเบอร์ไฟว้ วลีรัตน์คลินิก
  • Ruby, new innovative silk premium material. Special appearance design (Multi Screw) only at Waleerat Clinic
  • Ruby crystal silk coated with W-Cell. Origin of skin stimulation.
  • Build collagen tissue (Cell Regeneration) and incorporating anti-gravity injection technique ‘Vector Lift’ to help tighten Optimize page appearance
  • Lift the skin, reverse gravity
  • It only takes 15 minutes to inject.
  • Can continue to work after doing. No need to recuperate.

Ruby No.5 Who is it for?


  • When the skin begins to sag lack of skin structure strength
  • Fix with technique Vector Lift
  • Skin lifting injection gravity
  • Clear the problem of wrinkles
  • Tighten skin with spines pomegranate crystal
  • Sagging skin rejuvenation injection
  • Tighten again with the cell process
  • Regeneration
  • Silk reduces deep grooves. Whether it’s the cheekbones temples, sagging cheeks with filling silk injections.
  • After the stimulant injection skin regenerates tissue.
  • The trenches were filled.
  • Fade wrinkles
  • Sagging face frame
  • Solving problems is not difficult.
  • He injected silk directly into the support sagging point to slow down aging cells.
  • Make the skin crisp immediately after injection.

3 problems that suit injection Ruby No.5

1. crow's feet wrinkles

2. slack face frame

3. deep cheek groove

Silk injection, skin tightening

ปรับรูปหน้า ฉีดไหมหน้าเด็ก ลดริ้วรอย

1. a doctor assesses the face problem analysis to assess the appropriate amount of silk.


2. Will the doctor determine the orientation point? in order to get the most clear results.


3. Cold compress while injecting to reduce pain. Little pain, just an ant bite.


4. After placing Ruby No.5 into the skin layer. Small wounds can heal on their own.


5. After the injection, the doctor made an appointment to follow up on the results. Make an appointment to follow up within 1 week

Before - after threading

AFTER RESULTS immediately tighten

self care after Silk Thread Onyx

After injection will feel the change immediately after the procedure, the skin is immediately tightened by 20% see full results about 2-4 weeks.

The first time after doing it is recommended to drink a lot of water 1-2 liters/day to stimulate the body create the most collagen.

Advice Before and After

  • No need for vitamins Or any supplements before injection?
  • Avoid wearing make-up for about 6-8 hours after the procedure.
  • Drink at least 1-2 liters of water/day to stimulate fat removal.
  • Refrain from massaging and moving your face a lot at the injection site for 2 weeks.
  • Take supplements and vitamins to stimulate collagen.


The introduction of silk into the skin to accelerate the creation of collagen under the skin fill in the desired area The duration depends on each type of silk. The results will be seen immediately after the injection is completed and the full results will be seen in 3-4 weeks.

Ruby No.5 crystal silk is a specially made silk thread. The spines imitate the ruby structure. There is a complex of spines to stimulate collagen production under the skin more than usual.

The size of the silk used is smaller than the thread threading. to inject into specific problems After doing after silk melting new collagen tissue Adjust the face of a child for a long time, tighten and fill the deep groove for up to 5 years.

Most of the time, silk injection is a replacement for filler injection with dissolving silk that looks like a smooth silk (mono) to solve the problem of sagging face, wrinkles, deep grooves and premature aging. by using a small needle

During the injection, the patient will not feel pain. Because before doing it, there will be an anesthetic paste first. and compress ice while doing You may feel it when the doctor is injecting a small amount of silk.

Thread lifting is a face lift. to reduce sagging skin rejuvenation and adjust the face shape without surgery or surgery But the silk injection is to adjust the face shape at specific points. In order to solve the problem of sagging, wrinkles and deep grooves, the silk used for injection is smaller and shorter than thread lifting. Both methods are the introduction of the silk threads under the skin to stimulate the creation of collagen under the skin. with a similar working method

Overall, the injection took about 60 minutes (including the anesthetic paste 45 minutes. It depends on the number of threads injected. and medical techniques)

The ultra-small needle has almost no scarring after the procedure.
Can eat normally, avoiding alcoholic beverages or slang to reduce inflammation that will occur.
W-Cell, a natural extract Acts as a neurotransmitter between cells to help restore and repair damaged cells Thus making it work to make the action of the silk more effective. In addition, the material PDO (Polydioxanone) can be completely dissolved from the body within 6-8 months, so it does not cause any side effects after the procedure.
If before, do not eat disinfectant. After the procedure, take a disinfectant immediately. And the clinic will have painkillers, reduce swelling to eat as well. and take the disinfectant as prescribed by the doctor until all Avoid applying the cream for at least 24 hours, refrain from going into the pool. or doing activities that cause a lot of sweating for at least 24 hours, washing your face on the first day of thread lifting It should be washed with plain water and rinsed gently as it may cause inflammation.

1.Clean your face to get rid of the dirt on your face without leaving any residue on your face.

2.Apply anesthetic wait for anesthetic effect for 30 minutes or for women Those who do not want to apply anesthetic can use a cold compress to numb before doing.

3.The doctor will determine the direction of the thread precisely. In order to stimulate collagen to fill wrinkles effectively.

4.Ruby no.5 silk injection with a small broken needle Before the injection, the silk compress will be applied again to relieve the pain. After the injection, there will be only a small scar. and will disappear on its own in about 1-2 hours

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