Lifting answer only you
It is an innovation of deep skin tightening waves that help lift the skin and reverse aging without surgery.

เครื่อง Ulthera

The best innovations of the year 2022
Introducing the new technology for face lifting technique “Ultherapy SPT”
Restore skin firmness compared to facelift surgery
Designed for individual skin tightening functions

Guaranteed results too
The Golden Standard Award
For lifting and tightening the skin
without recovery (Minimal Invasive)

The system creates a new function.
Optimize the design of the face shape adjustment.
with microfocus images for the doctor to place the point
in the full efficiency of the waves

The Ultherapy SPT is certified.
By FDA, MOA is suitable for the procedure.

It shoots an Ultherapy wave that sends powerful energy.
to the skin layer SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system).

to stimulate the layers of the skin to regenerate
under the deep skin layer and stimulate the area
that shoots waves to create collagen
with a combination of SPT (See-Plan-Treat) function

Support system for working with doctors to design
personalized treatment make the results clear
and can lock the skin for up to 2 years without pain and recovery

How is Ultherapy SPT different from the old model?

Update the latest innovation, the new Ultherapy SPT.
Technology is more advanced than ever.  The functions are added to support the treatment to be the most effective.

Added technology to shoot intensity energy waves, deliver Active Focused Ultrasound directly into the skin deep into SMAS layer to stimulate the muscle layer to shrink and lift up as designed by doctor.

The layer stimulated is the same layer as face lift surgery. Therefore, afterwards the body system forms a process of

Cell Regeneration, creating collagen and elastin fibers to revitalize under the skin even more. 

More importantly, the new ULtherapy SPT offers 3 functions S-See, P-Plan and T-Treat to respond to advanced procedures, push for treatment effectiveness of doctors.

The new functions have won the highest standard Gold Standard award.  Innovative beauty machine used in the lifting and tightening procedures compared to surgery with 3 functions that you have to know.

ULTHERA SPT suitable for?

  • not slender face
  • front frame not clear
  • skin structure
  • lack of firmness
  • the older
  • The skin began to have obvious wrinkles.
  • the skin loses collagen
    and elastin
  • drooping eyebrows drooping eyelids
    but don’t want to fix
    by surgical method
  • revitalize rough skin
  • large pores to come back smooth and firm and can be smaller

3 steps to make ULTHERAPY SPT



Release energy, more accurate than before
with Active Focused Ultrasound
Lock the trajectory of the energy wave.

can shoot deep to the SMAS layer and can
make the weight of the waves rhythmically
suitable for relaxation
most facial skin



The doctor can plan the technique
problem-based treatment
individual make the treatment effect
most efficient

every face design Determine the orientation of the energy emissions.
and energy distribution
to the point


Release energy, more accurate than before
with Active Focused Ultrasound
Lock the trajectory of the energy wave.

can shoot deep to the SMAS layer and can
make the weight of the waves rhythmically
suitable for relaxation
most facial skin

Before - after threading

feeling immediately after immediately tighten the face

  • Avoid the skin from sunlight or heat.
    during the first week
  • Swelling and redness only in the back
    It only works for 2-3 days.
  • If your skin is dry, you can apply cream. Normal maintenance, avoiding the whitening group
  • See results immediately after doing 30% and
  • See full results in about 1 month or more.


Ultherapy is the same energy wave as HIFU.
But Altera is the latest innovation.
that has been developed from HIFU, the original technology

There is a difference that Altera is a machine.
Skin tightening with ultrasound waves
with high energy

including useful insights into treatment
Apply energy appropriate to the depth of the layer.

– forehead

– around the eyes

– wrinkles

– under the chin or wattle

– front frame

– throat

– chest skin

You can see results immediately after the treatment is done 30%.
It takes time for the skin to create collagen.
Obviously effective after 1-2 months.

Skin lifting mechanism with Ultherapy SPT

When sending ultrasound waves, the energy is highly concentrated.
into the high surface layer of the SMAS layer, the same tissue layer as
Floor used for facelift surgery

The energy sent into the tissues.
temperature rise resulting in tissue cells
SMAS layer shrinks, skin cells
Stimulated to create new cells (Cell Regenration)

make wrinkles fade skin tightening
See results clearly without any surgery.

results after doing can last 1-2 years
However, the results shown depend on the skin condition.
Care and age of old patients

which if the patient is under 25 years old
Skin age can still produce good collagen.
Results last more than 1-2 years.

But for patients over 30 years old, the skin begins to lack firmness.
starting to slack Therefore, it must be done more often than during adolescence.
Recommended for 6 months, once or twice a year.

while doing Altera The nature of the pain is tolerable.
It hurts a little more than doing HIFU.
But the results are clear immediately after the procedure.

Because after firing the energy waves Altera
go down to stimulate the SMAS layer tissue at a temperature of 50-70 C
Under the skin, it is necessary to reduce pain.
with anesthetic mask, about 30-45 minutes
So after the pain
So it’s just a feeling

In the matter of the analysis of the number of Lines
recommend that the patient come in for a consultation
with the medical teacher of Waleerat Clinic
for skin analysis
to select the amount of Lines to suit the skin
and for maximum lifting efficiency
where patients can book an appointment to consult
and can make an appointment for an operation in all branches of Waleerat Clinic, which are

1. The Crystal Ekamai-Ramintra Branch

2. The Crystal SB Ratchapruek Branch

3. Siam Square One Branch

The Altera has 3 head sizes, each with a different size.
The depth of the wave being fired suitable for shooting
Focused Ultrasound on different skin layers

1.5 mm head for the epidermis (Epidermis)
The dermis (Dermis) and the skin around the wrinkles.
Head size 3.0 mm for fat layer skin (Subcutaneous)
to stimulate the production of collagen around the eyes
Make the sagging skin area more firm
Head size 4.5 mm for SMAS layer surface
The tissue layer that lies between the fat and muscle layers.
It is the layer used for facelift surgery.
Shoot to tighten the cheek, wattle and neck area.

Every procedure at Waleerat Clinic
Doctors evaluate and do it themselves only.
Therefore, the results will be effective immediately after doing it.