LIPO X Cheekbone reduction innovation with injection
technique from Korea

LIPO X is thread insertion fat in the cheekbone area with absorbable thread coated with naturally extracted dissolving substance 

W-Cell passing through Crystallization coated on threads by acting to shrink fat cells and eliminate them from the body

After that, threads will stimulate collagen, helping to tighten the face.  After LIPO LIFTING X injection, threads will enter the fat layer and various extracts with the effect of dissolving fat react to reduce the size of fat cells to become smaller without the body knowing that fat cells are eliminated.The absorption of threads into the skin stimulates new collagen and tissue to help increase firmness and prevent the skin from sagging.

What is Lipo X Thread Lift?

LIPO X new innovation silk premium material Special appearance design (Multi Screw) Only at Waleerat Clinic

Silk coated with medicinal crystals 3 in 1 Contains concentrated fat burning extracts

Lipo X is premium grade silk

PDO material (Polydioxanone)
The spines are designed to be Multi Screw. Is there a complexity of threads?

To help lift and tighten the skin in the area that the doctor designed.
and also contains natural extracts
Including W-Cell to enhance 3 in 1 effect.
Reduce fat size, lift, tighten and stimulate collagen.

Coated with W-Cell, the source of skin stimulation. Build collagen tissue (Cell Regeneration) and incorporating anti-gravity injection technique ‘Vector Lift’
to help tighten Adjust the shape of the page for maximum efficiency.

LIPO X Who is it for?

ฺBig cheekbones problem caused by fat make your face look big out of proportion.

People who are resistant to Meso Fat Injected and not working because Meso Fat injection comes in long period.

  • Old age fat accumulation
  • Middle Face area a lot, causing cheekbones
    looks small, not firm

Popular problems of all ages

  • Accumulated fat Jaw Line a large number of faces not clear before

3 problems that suit LIPO X

1. reduce fat on cheekbones

High cheekbones from excess fat
make cheeks sag face looks big. It’s not a bone problem or muscle.

2. Sagging face frame, not tight

Accumulated fat around the face
make your cheeks look smaller lack of firmness. Silk can be injected to dissolve fat and can be compact.

3. wattle or double chin

Excess fat accumulated under the chin a lot. Until you look smaller, there are more makes the face look older

Step Thread lifting, cheekbone reduction

รีวิวปรึกษาร้อยไหมยกหางตา Foxy Eyes

1. A doctor assesses the face analyze the problem to assess the appropriate amount of silk.


2. The doctor determine the orientation point for the most obvious results.

3. Cold compress while injecting to reduce pain.


4. After placing LIPO X into the skin layer, Small wounds can heal on their own.


5. After the injection, the doctor made an appointment to follow up on the results within 1 week.

Review Cheekbone reduction

Feeling immediately after that the face instantly slimmed down

After injection will feel the change immediately after the procedure, the fat around the cheekbones instant reduction of 20% to see full results about 2-4 weeks

The first time after doing it is recommended to drink a lot of water 1-2 liters/day to stimulate the body adjust metabolism drive excess fat out through sweat and urine as much as possible

In addition, Lipo Lifting X will help reduce cheekbones.
and adjust the shape of the face to be slender

It also helps to tighten the face to be smoother, not sagging.

The result after the procedure will be the permanent fat dissolution.

But this depends on taking care of yourself after doing it as well. If you take good care of yourself and weight not more than 5-10 kg Your face shape is still the same slender, unchanged.

เปรียบเทียบ LIPOX VS ศัลยกรรมลดโหนก


Since LIPO LIFTING X is a PDO (Polydioxanone) melting silk material, it is designed as a Multi Screw to increase the volume of threads. And there are also natural extracts including W-Cell to enhance 3 in 1 effect, reduce fat size, tighten, stimulate collagen. Unlike the general fat injection, the drug has a metabolic acceleration effect at the injection site alone.

W-Cell, a natural extract Acts as a neurotransmitter between cells to help restore and repair damaged cells Thus making it work to make the action of the silk more effective. In addition, the material PDO (Polydioxanone) can be completely dissolved from the body within 6-8 months, so it does not cause any side effects after the procedure.

There is no need to skip any food before and after the procedure for good results. It is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol. or slang food to reduce inflammation in the 3-7 days after the procedure

Because if there is a large amount of fat mass Or heavy weight is recommended to inject LIPO LIFTING X as a helper for tightening the face. and more slender Combined with other fat burning programs To increase the efficiency of treatment, in addition, LIPO LIFTING X also has other models that can be used on the body such as the abdomen, upper arms, back, arms, thighs, which use the technique of positioning drugs according to acupuncture points to accelerate metabolism. Therefore, people with large faces have a lot of fat mass. can do If you are concerned, you can consult a doctor to determine a program that is suitable for your specific problem.

Silk injections to reduce cheekbones It is an advanced facial reshaping technique from a team of doctors, the leader in face contouring No.1 Asia, designed the face shape by carefully orienting the silk threads to adjust the silk placement according to gravity for the most effective results.

The function of silk is specially designed for you. can reduce fat because the silk has crystals of fat dissolving agent coated on it Every injection of silk will be injected under the fat layer to allow the drug to penetrate the fat in specific areas with full efficiency. and stimulate collagen under the skin layer so it can reduce fat and really concise Do not have to hurt the body to recover after the injection?

Lipo Lifiting X that is injected into the skin to break down fat and add firmness to the face. It is a unique silk thread that is effective in binding to drugs or coatings. It also helps to bring the drug. and to stimulate more collagen In addition, the silk itself is a PDO material melting thread that is designed as a Multi Screw to increase the volume of the threads. And there are also natural extracts including W-Cell to enhance the face shape to be more effective up to 3 things: reduce fat, tighten, stimulate collagen.
Lipo Lifiting X can be injected to reduce cheekbones. and saw a great result Especially for those who have fat problems around the cheekbones, Lipo Lifiting X silk injections will be more effective and effective. With the silk thread of the clinic, there is a special design that Waleerat Clinic. The silk body has crystals of the drug substance that dissolves the fat and coats the silk threads, which makes it possible to adjust the face shape and reduce the fat in the area where the silk is injected.
After the injection of Silk Lipo Lifiting X, the change was seen immediately after the procedure. The fat around the cheekbones is reduced by 20%, after which the results will be more noticeable. and see full results in about 2-4 weeks, besides helping to reduce cheekbones and adjust the shape of the face to be slender It also helps to tighten the face to be smoother, not sagging as well. After doing it, it is recommended to drink a lot of water. to increase the efficiency of expelling excess fat from the body in the form of urine and sweat
The results of Lipo Lifiting X treatment are permanent fat dissolution. But it depends on taking care of yourself after doing it as well. Avoid eating foods that are high in fat. Keep the weight from 3-5 kg. Your face shape will remain the same.
After the Lipo Lifiting X silk injection, when 100% of the silk is completely dissolved, it will not cause sagging skin. Because after the injection of silk Lipo Lifiting X is coated with natural extracts. The drug acts to trap fat cells. Ready to break down fat and tighten the skin permanently. There is also a stimulation of collagen production in the skin. To replace the broken silk, making the skin lifted and not sagging.
If anyone who has ever threaded silk before Interested in injecting Lipo Lifiting X? Worried about whether it can be done? No worries. can do normally Moreover, Lipo Lifiting X silk injection also helps to preserve the details of the skin in areas that thread threading cannot reach. It makes the face look more beautiful and perfect.
If before, do not eat disinfectant. After the procedure, you should immediately take a disinfectant. And the clinic will have painkillers, reduce swelling to eat as well. and take the disinfectant as prescribed by the doctor until all Avoid applying the cream for at least 24 hours, refrain from going into the pool. or doing activities that cause a lot of sweating for at least 24 hours, washing your face on the first day of thread lifting It should be washed with plain water and rinsed gently as it may cause inflammation.
  • Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • patient with lump or infecting the area to be injected?

  • Patients taking blood clot-dissolving drugs

  • Patients with heart disease or high blood pressure
  • in terms of analyzing the use of silk recommend that the patient come in for a consultation with the medical teacher of Waleerat Clinic to analyze the face shape and the use of silk in order to get the most effective lifting and tightening. Patients can book an appointment for a consultation. and can make an appointment for an operation in all branches of Waleerat Clinic, which are

    1. The Crystal Ekamai-Ramintra Branch
    2. The Crystal SB Ratchapruek Branch
    3. Siam Square One Branch
  • Waleerat Clinic We are Asia No.1 Face Lifting & Anti-Aging, a team of doctors specializing in facial reshaping. Teacher level medical team Be the leader of facial reshaping training without surgery in Thailand and abroad with more than 10 years of experience in rejuvenation of the face and received the No. 1 award in Asia. Moreover, every silk thread is a premium material, specially made to order. We weave by hand and pay attention to every process. With a detailed design of the face to the point of threading the silk Layer by Layer style, going deep to solve every problem point of the patient. to create the most natural face Guaranteed with more than 10,000 reviews over a period of more than 10 years.

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