Thread lifting, eye lifting, eyebrow lifting with a high-level hundred technique.

EndoLine is thread lifting, eye lifting, eyebrow lifting with melted silk threads. Special spine design, Foxy Eyes style.

Made from melt-blown silk bark, 4D molded.
to increase efficiency
To lift the eyebrows, lift the tail of the eyes, tighten them.

different from the high-level technique of threading
In fine thread threading Layer by Layer
in the process after the skin lifting

The doctor puts the silk on the skin layer.
to maintain long-lasting lifting performance
Hundreds of hundred techniques suitable for solving
Eyebrow and eye area with a thin surface layer but high moving force

in sensitive areas
No side effects from silk
Cog group in general

causing lifting and tightening, adjusting the shape of the eyebrows
and the tail of the eye appropriately
which this technique was developed from
traditional surgery

But the difference is this technique.
without surgery


รีวิวปรึกษาร้อยไหมยกหางตา Foxy Eyes

1. The doctor will assess the face problem analysis to assess the number of silkworms and their direction silk thread for the most natural results

ขั้นตอนร้อยไหมยกหางตา Foxy Eyes

2. Start the anesthetic mask, the duration is not more than 20 minutes.

While the mask is massaged to stimulate the drug to work. Absorbs into the skin quickly

before threading to relieve pain


3. The doctor will determine the direction of the silk thread for effective results. See the most obvious results after a hundred silk

ขณะร้อยไหมยกคิ้ว ยกหางตา

4. Start the anesthetic mask, the duration is not more than 20 minutes.

While the mask is massaged to stimulate the drug to work and absorb into the skin better.

before threading to relieve pain

รีวิวร้อยไหมยกหางตา Foxy eye

5. After threading the threads, EndoLine’s eyes were clearly squinting.

No surgery pain like Endotine.

Don’t waste time recuperating for a long time.

Thread lifting, eye lift, eyebrow lift
Who is it for?

รีวิว เทคนิค endoline ร้อยไหมยกหางตา ไร้ผ่าตัด
  • new! fine thread
    Sharp eyes, dream line.
    Bella Hadid
  • have a beautiful degree
  • Every case is made by doctor
  • Old age
  • eyebrow problem
  • Falling eyes can be solved.
  • No need for surgery
  • Can lift for 1-2 years
  • Eyes are not tight, do not glide.
  • beyond nature
  • Sagging eyelids
  • Blurry eye
  • Lift it tight, pull it tight.
  • Do not hurt the surgery
    surgery anymore

sad eyes, eyes drop, eyebrows drop

  • come back bright eyes
  • get assets
  • don’t have to surgery


Thread lifting, eye lift, eyebrow lift
with EndoLine technique
Special spines ( Double Cog)
Premium material, high lift
can be lifted compared to surgery

This EndoLine technique was developed from surgery.
Endotine Implantation Surgery
But there is no need for implant surgery.
This method can only be lifted through the layers under the skin.

Dissolved Silk Material PDO (Polydioxanone)
Designed to be Double Cog
To help lift the eyes, the head of the eyebrows

uitable for lifting, tightening, locking in position
Eyebrows, eye tails, and by-products are
stimulation of collagen under the skin

3 problem that fits Endoline threading

การร้อยไหม Endoline เหมาะกับใคร

1. eye lift

Another option to correct sagging skin with age.

การร้อยไหม Endoline เหมาะกับใคร

2.eye lift

Follow the new trend 2021, focusing on sharp eyes, charming like Foxy Eyes.

การร้อยไหม Endoline เหมาะกับใคร

3.drooping eyebrows, drooping eyes

Change the skin around the eyes sagging from age. keep coming back

Before - after threading

Advice Before and After

  • No need for vitamins or any dietary supplement

  • Avoid wearing makeup for 6-8 hours after the procedure.

  • Refrain from massaging or moving your face a lot. to prevent the silk threads moving

  • Take supplements and vitamins to stimulate collagen.

  • Refrain from eating slang food such as raw fish, fermented fish, etc.

compare FOXY EYES vs traditional



Endoline Thread Lift
It is a program for threading by using silk threads.
Specially designed for threading the eye area.
to raise the edge of the eyebrows

make your eyes swell Currently, the trend of having
Hollywood star eyes, also known as
Foxy Eyes Trend. The doctor will adjust the degree of
Keep your eyes pointing up slightly.

Raised to the outer brow area which helps to lift and stretch
the upper eyelids effectively
Create beautiful fox eyes.

Endoline Thread Lift There are two methods of workflow:

Method 1, after doing it immediately. the result After the endoline threading, the eyebrows and lashes will automatically lift. Makes the face look lifted instantly without surgery

Method 2 In the following months, silk that is implanted under the layers of your skin. will stimulate the production of collagen in the body Makes the skin in the thread threading area look fuller and fuller. make the face look younger to increase the natural lifting of the eyebrow area

It is a premium material. special order
to highlight the work of silk in raising eyebrows and eye
especially the nature of silk threads in 1 needle
will be silk threads in 2 directions

to help increase the efficiency of supporting the eyelids
better than general and longer results

At Waleerat Clinic, we use expert doctors.
For over 10 years of thread threading, you can be confident that
all patient problems We can fix it with precision.
right point and high security

Silk wears off with age.
Does not cause fibrosis or residual symptoms in the body
all of us certified by
both Thai and US Food and Drug Administration or USFDA

Endoline thread lifting at Waleerat Clinic
Use high-end threading techniques.
by a medical teacher who specializes in facial reshaping
In particular, it is a premium material melting silk.
The spines are raised higher than normal. Hundreds raised the part that the doctor designed.
Detailed lifting direction Layer by Layer

Endoline thread lifting is therefore highly effective.
can actually lift outcomes comparable to surgery
Traditional eyebrow lift surgery

For Thread Lifting Foxy Eyes
according to the fashion trend
about 4-6 needles and the patient who needs it

raise eyebrows, lift sagging eyes Rejuvenate the face to look younger, recommend about 6-10 needles

Endoline thread lifting is a thread threading procedure.
which was invented and developed to be effective
and the results were comparable to the original practice.

But it’s not a surgical operation.
therefore having less pain and swelling
no surgical wound and do not need to recuperate

traditional surgery program
is eye lift surgery
through the endoscopic system by using pins

in fixation of the skin
to help increase the efficiency of lifting

Each method is different. If you want to consult to make a decision, you can add Line : @waleerat

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